Black biker dating

See full summary » When a college student witnesses the alleged suicide of her roommate, it sets into motion a series of horrific events that cause her to fear the supernatural entity. See full summary » A mythic motorcycle tale of father and son", this is the story of Manuel Galloway, also known as "the King of Cali", the president of a motorcycle club whose members are all African-American men, mostly white-collar workers who exchange their suits and ties at night and on weekends for leather outfits and motorcycle helmets.The focus of this story takes place at an annual drag-racing event in Fresno, as Manuel tries to retain his championship title. He looked like some mid-life crisis-er trying to regain his lost youth, but without any enthusiasm whatsoever.

After all, I thought, it could hardly be worse than 2 Fast 2 Furious....... This movie is the most tediously dire film I've seen this year! The ending is so predictable that it's a relief when it finally comes.

It makes 2Fast2Furious look like a Spielberg production. Oh, and did I mention that Hollywood expects us to swallow Derek Luke as an 18 year old?

The plot is a standard "coming of age" drama, but without the drama.

The only slightly interesting point in the entire film was when the three guys who go on to form the MC club of the title first get together and interact.

First and most importantly all hats are custom made with care and craftsmanship.

Strict detailed measurements are taken to insure consistent sizing throughout size charts.Our solid colors fabric (also inside color of printed welder caps) are 100% medium to lightweight cotton.Biker Cary Ford is framed by an old rival and biker gang leader for the murder of another gang member who happens to be the brother of Trey (Ice Cube), leader of the most feared biker gang ...See full summary » A shy, troubled young man who set his own house on fire and has an imaginary friend, is sent to a vineyard where he finds himself in the middle of his political-arguing, party-loving family and his love torn between two girls.A bounty hunter chases and catches suspects all over Miami .He ends up getting shot at and start to second guess his job as a bounty hunter . See full summary » Jesse James (a direct linear descendant of the famed outlaw), a noted builder of custom motorcycles in Southern California, assembles a crew and takes ordinary vehicles (like a VW New ...

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