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When Winehouse was nine years old, her parents separated, leading to Winehouse living with her mother and staying with her father at weekends.At this time, Winehouse began attending Susi Earnshaw Theatre School on Saturdays to take singing and tap-dancing lessons.

After spending some time doing live performances, a friend of Winehouse sent her demo tape to a manager, with Winehouse becoming signed to 19 Management in 2002 for 250 GBP per week.

Winehouse began producing music, however it went unreleased as the management chose not to reveal her to the industry.

On 20th October 2003, 'Frank', Winehouse's debut studio album, was released.

You might remember that Camden pub and occasional celeb hangout The Hawley Arms was gutted by fire earlier this year?

Well, last night Noel Fielding hosted a fundraiser for the beloved venue and some other celebs showed up to show their support.

Amy Winehouse also spent a little time at Dingwalls, where the event was held, wearing a string vest and showing off the bra collection she seems oh-so-proud of.

Music was provided by Johnny Borrell, Helsinki and a DJ, along with Lois Winstone's band This Year's Model.

Noel waxed lyrical with memories of the pub, saying: "We used to have a garden up the top and I used to run across the ledge in my Chelsea boots. They fenced it off because they said: 'You will die and that won't be good publicity.' ... I had a gun with sticker darts and we were trying to shoot guavas and mangoes off people's heads.

Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 - 23 July 2011)Amy Winehouse was an English singer/songwriter, best known for her Grammy Award-winning albums and critically acclaimed 2006 single 'Rehab'.

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