Age dating palm trees

The successful cultivation of date palm requires a long summer with high day as well as night temperature, a mild winter without frost, and absence of rain at the time of flowering and fruit setting with low relative humidity and plenty of sunshine.It is estimated that finest date varieties require 3,300units of heat (base 10`C) for full maturity of its berries.

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(Phoenix dactylifera) is a highly nutritious fruit.

It is rich in sugar, iron, potassium, calcium and nicotinic acid.

One kg fully ripe fresh ripe fresh dates provide approximately 3,150 calories.

The flesh of dates contains 20% moisture, 50-65 % sugar, 2.5 %fibre, 2 % protein and less than 2% each of fat, minerals and pectic substances.

Thus, date fruit can help supplement the dietary needs of desert people where very few nutritive foods are available.

In California, diced date, date paste and sugar are manufactured for use in break fast and bakery.The leaves of the palm also have potential for use in the manufacture of paper.Climate and soil Date palm is very exacting in its climatic requirement, which according to an Arab saying should grow with its feet in running water and its head in the fire of the sky.Therefore, fruits do not reach ripening stage and should be harvested at earlier stage of fruit development.Deep, sandy loam soils ideal for maximum waterholding capacity and good drainage are desirable.Date palm can grow in alkaline and saline soils but in such soils its growth and productivity are greatly reduced.

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