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I understand the pressure to hire people you know but at the end of the day I need to be confident that the person I suggest and vote for will not be sitting infront of HR again discussing grounds for termination.If this “friend” or target hire doesn’t work out it looks bad for the person who suggested them.I care about my reputation too much to be pressured to hire a friend who isn’t qualified.

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Unfortunately we all can remember putting our foot in our mouths and blurting out some insanely personal story or flirting with the recruiter, ok well maybe not everyone flirts with the recruiter (flirting with the recruiter is an automatic job offer :)…ok not really…seriously folks don’t flirt cause it makes things awkward).

I’m talking about the interviews that you know you did perfect in.

I mean so perfect that you wish it was recorded and could be submitted to the International Olympic Committee and then awarded a gold medal without actually doing anything athletic.

The point is, if you did so well why weren’t you hired?!

The most common reasons you may not get the job, which you have no control over is because of target hires and/or nepotism.

Even if Recruiters already know who is going to get hired we still have to go through “fake interviews”.This is to make sure that the target hire is actually the perfect candidate, which is not always the case but we are forced to hire them anyway.I Blame the Hiring Manager Hiring managers can be funny people to work with.Sometimes the power to hire whoever they want gets into their head.As a recruiter I need to find candidates that I think can do the job.Hiring managers sometimes want to hire their friends or family even though they are not qualified for the job.

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