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To say the least; i saw your profile on the 'people similar to section (translated as People Also Viewed on the site).. will write you directly to your email later, i have to run along now Roy Letter 4 Hi Marie, i can tell you that your mail came in as a surprise to me thanks for replying my mail.i think i might be on same thread/business networking with a colleague of yours with similar field of work, geographical area or similar sequential alphabetic arrangement as yours. As i gazed up your beauty i felt captivated and then i wrote you from my heart those words... to say the least too, i understand i sent my first message on that site it is a business to business site, no offense but i couldn't resist passing a compliment forth your path. I Love to read, Mostly Inspirational books, the most touching book that I have ever read is the one by John Manson, Very Inspirational, would push you from where you are to where you should be.

Such knowledge, experience and portfolio in your field of work, i just cant help but mention how fascinated i am.

Your beauty on the other hand makes it all perfect.

Beauty and intelligence are like two peas in a pod one needs another. Roy Letter 2 Thanks so so much for being cool enough to write me a reply.

Wasn't too sure you were gonna write me back being that my note was informal, on the other hand, i couldn't hold myself back from writing you a complimentary note. a reply would be nice from you Roy Letter 3 Thanks for taken your time to write me back and forth, it beat my imagination to know someone like you would be single and also you don't look 55 my dear..

Am sure God knows best why our path crossed, you seem pretty nice and i would love getting to know you more better if you will share with me. Am an Art Lover, I like epics paintings because, it’s very eccentric but very Creative and Mind Blowing. Having what I can only describe as a "witty" sense of humour often means that people mistake me for the joker of the pack.

i live in Albany NY but i travel outside the State sometimes for business because my business is registered in the UK. will tell you more about my job in subsequent mails... My great grand father is Latvian and his name was Pipars, so i have a bit of European blood in me... Whilst I won’t seek to deny that making people smile is what I do best (though I don’t consider myself amongst the upper echelons of kings of comedy like Richard "The Human Torch" Pryor, Chris "Angry Young Black Man" Rock, Eddie "Ladies Man" Murphy or Martin "Bad Boy" Lawrence), I do have hidden depths of sincerity to me.

I am a single parent (widowed) My wife died 4 years ago. Like an iceberg, nine-tenths lies below the surface.

I’m a pretty serious guy (though not quite as serious as a heart attack). people would first notice that i have an accent then maybe my look.

be adaptable to change and learning new things everyday, or life will pass you by.

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